Handmade one of a
kind silvertone pendant. with a silver anchor paired with Lepidolite the ‘Stone
of Transformation’.
The anchor necklace promotes safety/protection
and security or trust and confidence.
Hope, steadfastness and
salvation. Stability and tranquility. Good luck and Hope in Christ While
Lepidolite encourages independence, self-love, and trust. Combining its quality
of objectivity with the power of unhindered communication, lepidolite helps one
to focus on exactly what is essential. Hence, it is also considered an
excellent gemstone for lepidolite free shape successful business pursuits.
One of the key crucial aspects of lepidolite
is power of clearing electromagnetic pollution. Lepidolite reinforces the
immune system and soothes the nervous system. Lepidolite helps in relieving
exhaustion and release of tension and its related disorders. Its capacity for
addressing mood swings by creating a sense of complete awareness provides the
much-needed guidance of thinking before taking any action. Beautiful ocean vibes with a mystical sky.

Sky Blue, Blue and Purple in the light to Blue Green, Blue and Purple Glow. 

Pendant: 1in W x 2in L Chain: 20 in Silver 

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