BOOK A READING< SOUND BATH< CONSULTATION HERE The evolution of the Goddezz was indeed written in the stars. I offer healing and guidance through tarot reading consultations and sound meditation practices. i have developed affirmations and created a "GR8 VYBR8-10NZ Broadcast" (pronounced Great Vibrations with the numbers 8-1-0 incorporated to replace the letters). I receive communication from the divine in many ways one of which being numbers so I speak with and resonate with "ANGEL NUMBERS" and I naturally vibrate within and with high frequencies. NATURALLY SPIRITUALLY GIFTED I consult with, receive guidance and protection from, YAHWEH, although I believe the DIVINE GOD of LOVE goes by many names and I respect ALL as such... hence the name "YAHWEH'Z BEBE the MARTIAN GODDEZZ" on YouTube. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE FOR FREE READINGS WHEN I UPLOAD THEM > ALSO FIND ME ON TIKTOK @Dglowshow

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